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Who we are and what we do:

We, an international remote software company called Avataris (, are

developing a photorealistic metaverse using Unity game engine that serves as a life simulation,

integrating our own unique AAA games and lifelike AI-powered digital humans. Our games are

based on interpersonal relationships, realistic environments, and unique narrative-driven

gameplays. Digital Humans are created with maximum realism in mind to create the perfect

illusion both optically and functionally (e.g., using AI, speech recognition, complex personality,

procedural animations, physical hairs, skin, cloths and muscles and VR hand and body

interactions, etc.). As part of our team, you would work with cutting-edge technologies to push

the boundaries of realism and create a breathtakingly beautiful game with unique depth and

gameplay concept. Our market potential is enormous given the thematic niche, which raises

your chance of rapid advancement and salary increases. For the expansion of our remote team,

we are looking for a Game Designer.

Possible tasks (depending on your interest and suitability):

  • Design and produce a full, clear, narrative game design document
  • Work closely with the Art Director and the Writers team to achieve the wanted result

with dialogues, story mood/feeling and visual feedback

  • Design how the user will move/interact with elements/through the spaces in which the

story will be told to lead the user through the whole story

  • Share your amazing game design ideas with the team
  • Deal with/improve/implement all the already existing documents/concept for narrative

game design inside the final one

  • Design primary/secondary stories as main/sub-quest
  • Provide quick concepts (written/visual) to the Lead Game Designer/Art Director

Your skills/experience:


  • Advanced experience with game mechanics / designs
  • Knowledge how to write game dynamics as, e.g.: a reputation point system
  • Good sense for players wants and needs
  • Support and know how to talk with writers, level designers and artists using also

technical words (e.g.: in engine words as “collider”) to explain your ideas

  • Confident with writing/speaking English
  • Creative and fast problem-solver
  • Strong communication skills with external team members
  • Organizational talent, conscientiousness and quality awareness


  • Unity3D (2019+)
  • Experience in software development
  • Previously worked as narrative game designer or general game designer
  • Strong passion for RPG games and know-how to make the user live a story in a game

The advantages of our job offer:

  • Leading position in a rapidly growing company with big goals
  • Varied work with a lot of personal responsibility and decision participation
  • Strong appreciation of your performance and great influence on product development
  • Acquire highly sought-after skills and experience (focus on future technologies)
  • Insights into state-of-the-art technologies and testing of state-of-the-art approaches
  • We are a promising pioneer in gaming and avatar
  • Our high market potential allows rapid salary increases
  • Very flexible work hours and remote working (part-time work also possible)

Payment will depend on your qualifications, but we offer a salary that you will find enticing, as

we think that a top team deserves a top salary. We also pay performance-based bonuses and

try to meet all your expectations in order to create the ideal working conditions.

Contact us:

Avataris Recruitment Team

Avataris GmbH
Lange Gasse 30
8010 Graz

Company Number: 518133k

VAT ID: ATU74763446

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