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Communicator - Trainee
111 Police Emergency Call Centre Communicator, it starts with you!

  • Help make New Zealand the safest country in the world
  • Answer 111 emergency calls
  • Training salary $61,083 (consisting of six weeks classroom training, followed by three weeks coaching/mentoring)
  • Base salary of $68,652 after training
  • Permanent fulltime
  • The position is based in central Christchurch
  • Shift work is required (day/late/night across 24 hours/365 days) with an additional 15% shift allowance and additional leave entitlements for hours worked on weekends, in the evening and overnight
  • Limited positions available for intake starting 25 March 2024

Mō te tūnga | About the role

Come and join us in a role with true purpose, making a difference for people in their time of need. As the frontline of the frontline, Emergency Communicators are the first point of contact with Police. They answer 111 emergency calls from often distressed callers and help them to feel and be safe.

While this role is rewarding, it is also demanding. Emergency Communicators are required to multitask at pace: questioning callers for critical information, providing advice, following procedures, and operating multiple computer systems. The goal is to accurately record information that enables a safe and effective response.

Every call is different, and incoming calls can involve violence, attempted suicides, sexual assaults, sudden deaths, rescue situations and more – with people’s lives at stake and all within a call time of a few minutes. Emergency Communicators provide a calm and reassuring police presence on the phone.

This role asks a lot, but it also gives a lot. You will be working within a supportive team environment where people care and work together to get the best outcomes. The first six weeks of your employment will be fulltime training. This is where you will learn the aspects of handling emergency calls.

After training, you will work two shifts beginning early morning, followed by two shifts beginning late morning or in the afternoon and then two shifts overnight, before having four days off. This roster covers 24 hours a day, 365 days including public holidays and weekends. In return you will receive an additional 15% compensation for hours worked between 6pm and 6am. The generous leave provisions equate to 35 workdays off per year.

Emergency Communicator is more than a job, it can be the start of a career. In addition to competitive benefits, including perks such as an on-site gym, New Zealand Police are committed to the development and growth of our people. We have pathways to progress within the team and, in time, to other roles within Police.

Follow the link to watch a day in the life of a Police Communicator: A Day in the Life: Police Communicator | New Zealand Police - YouTube

He aha taau e kawe mai | What you’ll bring

Being part of the Police whänau is about being our best to ensure our communities are safe and feel safe. Our Core Competencies provide a shared understanding of the behaviours, leadership and technical competence required for success at each level of Police. While we are looking for skills, knowledge, and experience relevant to the role, we also place high importance on your state of mind, the alignment of your values with ours, your ability to contribute to and build high performing teams, and the way that you lead yourself or others.

Great Police Emergency Communicators come from many different backgrounds including customer service roles such as hospitality and retail. What they have in common is:

  • A passion and empathy for helping others in need
  • Resilience and professionalism in the face of adversity
  • Outstanding communication skills, including excellent written and spoken English
  • An aptitude to think on your feet and use your questioning and listening skills to make sound decisions under pressure
  • The ability to follow highly-structured processes and procedures, while navigating several IT systems at once as well as typing quickly and accurately – all while talking to the caller
  • An understanding that our continuous shift work can conflict with family and social events

This role is set at Individual Contributor level, this means your key purpose is “to deliver or enable others to deliver Our Business”.

We will ask you questions based on “How we will deliver Our Business – CoreCompetencies” and the appropriate role level, i.e. Individual Contributor.

For more information on Our Core Competencies, please copy and paste this URL: https://www.police.govt.nz/sites/default/files/publications/core-competencies-how-we-will-deliver-our-business.pdf

These questions will be unique and specific to the role, focusing on the aspects the hiring manager believes are most important for that position at the time. For more information on Our Values, please copy and paste this URL: https://www.police.govt.nz/sites/default/files/publications/nzp-our-values.pdf

To view the position description for this role please copy and paste this link into a new browser: https://www.police.govt.nz/sites/default/files/pd/11-2020/communicator.pdf

Mo tatou | About us

Our mission is to prevent crime and harm through exceptional policing. Our vision is to be the safest country. Our purpose is to ensure everybody can be safe and feel safe.

Tono ināianei | Apply now

If this position sounds like you, click apply now. You will be required to submit an application form and a chronological list of previous roles that covers the role title
and the date/duration (this is a mandatory requirement and replaces a CV).

To be considered for this role you need to be either a New Zealand or Australian Citizen or a New Zealand Permanent Resident.

Please use the link below to see an example of the correct CV format: https://tenone.police.govt.nz/media/15377
Before confirmation of hire, pre-employment checks will be undertaken. For further information on the application process, please copy and paste this URL: https://www.police.govt.nz/careers

If you have any queries about this vacancy, please email HelloNZPolice@police.govt.nz

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  • "Micro management" (in 10 Bewertungen)
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