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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Trainee


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Im Telefoninterview wurde natürlich näher darauf eingegangen, warum man zu Meltwater möchte und warum man sich selbst in einer Salesstelle sieht.

Phone interview - How would you acquire new market, Why Meltwater, Introduction yourself. Informal session - You are encouraged to ask questions all the time. Assessment Centre - What you are passionate about (60s)? Introduce yourself (180s). Group task - present a company which would need Meltwater`s product and why (300s). Group debate - two sides (Dell computers supporter and Apple Computers supporter) - you need to argument why Meltwater should buy Dell/Apple equipment. Final Interview - Cold calls (two - in two different languages). Private questions about yourself (your family etc...). The final round took approx. 2,5 hours.

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