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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen in Shanghai, Shanghai

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How big is the market size for wheelchair in shanghai?

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I came up with a number of hospitals in shanghai, and another number of patients visiting the hospitals. Then I assumed a percentage of people with handicap among the patients. After this was done, I calculated the rotation rate of the wheelchair, which was definitely a wrong approach.

Why do you think that this was an wrong approach? It seems pretty fine to me until the last part..Can you give more details?

I guess starting from the population in the city is always the safest approach

There is a client whom you have to provide the report by evening ad all your tools fail and stop working what would you do in such a case?

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On of the question is to introduce my work. I'm not sure if I have make him understand my work.

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Pls describe your work content

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In a PLL, the reference frequency and the feedback frequency are divided by 100/2 and 50/1 respectively, which would gain a better phase noise

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what do you expect in the new role

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do you mind working overtime regularly?

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We hire the best people, why should we hire you?

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Dealing with difficult personality

2 Antworten

Based on my experience dealing with a difficult customer, how did you overcome the problem?

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