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Who would you start a project with unknown and risky results/beneftis?

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With a prototype.

Yes I would start the project, all the projects in any company or corporation in the world have risks. There are ways to control risk, but if you want to progress you have to face those risks and get ahead with the project.

"Wo sehen Sie sich in 5 Jahren?"

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Sehen Sie Ihre Stärken eher in der automotive Serienproduktion oder in der Forschung und Vorentwicklung?

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Why would you choose Mercedes over our competitors? If VW offered you the same position, why would you choose to work for us?

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Erzählen Sie mir von einem Projekt, das Sie geleitet haben.

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Q: How to collaborate with dev teams Q: How to make product decisions

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What superpower would you want to have?

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What are other qualifications and interests that are suited for you in our company?

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Could you explain one of your product topology on the whiteboard?

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