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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Manager


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Why would you choose Mercedes over our competitors? If VW offered you the same position, why would you choose to work for us?

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Well, how can you answer a question like that without stepping on someones toes. I tried to point out my affinity for the brand and excitement to work at such a renowned company as diplomatically as i could.

F: Nennen Sie eine Frage, die Ihnen gestellt wurde.

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What are other qualifications and interests that are suited for you in our company?

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What improvements would you suggest for Ebay

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How do you feel about moving to Salzburg?

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Some scenario based questions, questions about my previous studies and professional background.

If I had heard of the product and if I knew how it worked.

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Allgemeines Gespräch über meine Erfahrung, Kompetenz, Lebenslauf und dann Fachspezifisches zum Thema Marketing, IT, Data & Cloud.

What do you know about MSD globally and in Austria? Why are you interested in this particular position? Tell me about a project you managed

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