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Who would you start a project with unknown and risky results/beneftis?

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With a prototype.

Yes I would start the project, all the projects in any company or corporation in the world have risks. There are ways to control risk, but if you want to progress you have to face those risks and get ahead with the project.

Than another gay came and he asked me the same, I said I don't want to develop anymore... Than the first guy came and said to me, I have a bad news for you, the HR department made a "Mistake" we were considering you for a Software Development position. So basically what is happening in Austria is the following : All the hard jobs are given to people from Outside (Foreigners) and they are keeping the not so hard jobs to people from inside... Total Shame for such a company, and on when I was leaving the second guy who introduced as a "Team Lead" was laughing... what a "Team Lead" I must admit with really professional behaviour, and what a people...

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Wann man anfangen könne, bezogen auf die Kündigungsfrist.

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Wo sehen sie sich in 5 Jahren? Stärken? Schwächen?

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Warum sind Sie ein guter Kandidat für die Stelle? Was sind Ihre Vorkenntnisse? Was sind ihre Stärken? Was sind ihre Schwächen? Wie sind sie auf die Firma aufmerksam geworden?

Erzählen Sie etwas aus Ihre Praktikas. Worüber haben Sie Ihre Abschlussarbeit geschrieben?

Ihre Schwäche/Stärke, Persönlichkeit/ Technische Fragen

Erwartungen an der Position Erwartungen an das Management Stärken und Schwächen Detailfragen zur Fachkenntnisse

What is the project you have worked on that you are most proud of?

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