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How many smaller cubes are completely invisible in a n*n*n rubic's cube?

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n^3- 6n^2 The number of cubes are n^3(volume). The number of cubes exposing one or more sides( 6 *( n^2) - all cubes on the sides.) Number of invisible cubes are n^3- 6n^2 .

Isn't the answer none since the question says "completely invisible"? every unit is visible by at least one side so any sub cube (made of these units) has a portion exposed.


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Whats your expectation from TCS?

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write a sql on sales fact table and product dimension to report products with highest revenue in each product group.

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can u work under pressure

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Why did I do my MBA in financial domain being priory IT graduate?

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What do you know of ABC (Example) process

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Financial Markets and my personal experience with shares when the role was for BA

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My Skills

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