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Given a fictional app you are given 3 columns painted a dashboard where you have UI interface + API layer + Database Layer: draw the UI + list the API functionalities + structure the database

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Know your thing: UI (be aware of how an UI is composed... differnt technologies will have differente approaches but usually UIs Are hierarchical) + API logic is programming (including design patterns) + DB is Data structure and how they may differe from SQL and NoSql

Why do you want to leave your current employer?

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Logic question: estimate the exact amount of meters that an elevator is covering during a working day.

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How you define a left join in SQL?

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Ihr größter Erfolg, ihre größte Niederlage! Kommunikation mit Führungskraft? Wie frustrationsresistent sind sie (beste Frage :))

1. Beschreibung von Ähnliche Projekte. 2. Wie haben Sie die "Requirements Specifications" geschrieben? Prozeß? 3. Warum wollen Sie wechseln? 4. Gehaltsvorstellungen?

I was interviewed by 3 people, HR representative, Manager of the Area, Senior Analyst. It was in English, and lasted around 45 min Asked me to talk about what I had done and why did I think the position would fit me. some basic SQL questions and if knew it Asked me my salary expectations.

What tools do you use? If we hire you what will bring/contribute to the team

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