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Logic question: estimate the exact amount of meters that an elevator is covering during a working day.

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The question doesn't finish with assignment above... You need to pose further questions to get more details. The answer is a math series that is multiplied by 2 (times to go up and down) and N = times the building is fillled with people or emptied

1. Beschreibung von Ähnliche Projekte. 2. Wie haben Sie die "Requirements Specifications" geschrieben? Prozeß? 3. Warum wollen Sie wechseln? 4. Gehaltsvorstellungen?

Given a fictional app you are given 3 columns painted a dashboard where you have UI interface + API layer + Database Layer: draw the UI + list the API functionalities + structure the database

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Ihr größter Erfolg, ihre größte Niederlage! Kommunikation mit Führungskraft? Wie frustrationsresistent sind sie (beste Frage :))

How you define a left join in SQL?

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What tools do you use? If we hire you what will bring/contribute to the team

What is the difference between right and left joins in SQL

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