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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Assistent


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Than another gay came and he asked me the same, I said I don't want to develop anymore... Than the first guy came and said to me, I have a bad news for you, the HR department made a "Mistake" we were considering you for a Software Development position. So basically what is happening in Austria is the following : All the hard jobs are given to people from Outside (Foreigners) and they are keeping the not so hard jobs to people from inside... Total Shame for such a company, and on when I was leaving the second guy who introduced as a "Team Lead" was laughing... what a "Team Lead" I must admit with really professional behaviour, and what a people...

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We apologize to you in all due form and would like to assure you that no act or gesture was meant in any way as a contempt. The misunderstanding according to the position you have applied for, is that you did not meet our criteria for the position of an IT assistant, which is a position of a Junior Secretary just arranging appointments and accounting bills. But because of your qualifications we would have gladly offered you a job as a developer. Unfortunately, it was omitted to inform you in advance of this circumstance when making an appointment. This mistake is clearly with us and we would like to apologize for that. We invite you to contact us in case you would like to clarify any outstanding questions or if you would like to tell us something.

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