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  • www.careers.homedepot.com
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Mehr als 10.000 Mitarbeiter
  • 1978
  • Aktiengesellschaft (HD)
  • Geschäfte für Möbel & Haushaltsartikel
  • Mehr als 10 Milliarden $ (USD)

MitbewerberTarget, Walmart
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You may’ve seen our stores in your neighborhood because if you’re like 90% of the U.S. population, you live within 10 miles of one of our stores. Our 2,200 retail stores are an important part of our company and it takes a big behind-the-scenes team too. Let’s look at some of the ...
Leitbild: Giving back is a fundamental value of The Home Depot and a passion for our associate-led volunteer program, Team Depot. The Home Depot donates millions of hours, tools and supplies each year to non-profit organizations and community service projects. Click here to learn more ...

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Ted Decker
Ted Decker
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23. Okt. 2022 - Verkäufer


Gutes arbeitsklima , Team und Mitarbeiter Rabatte


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At The Home Depot, we strive to ignite the doer in all of us to create a culture of understanding, acceptance, and appreciation. Our values guide us on everything we do, and they are embedded in our culture. Our expanded focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion supports all eight of our core values, including respect for all people, giving back, and building strong relationships. A diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace also creates shareholder value by providing different perspectives and fresh ideas that spark innovation. We focus on three key areas to create meaningful change through thoughtful actions that align with all eight of our core values.

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    Two part process. The interviewer was nice and respectful. Only relevant information was asked, and the interview only lasted around 25 minutes. I had no issues with the interview process.

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10. November 2022
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We’re proud to be recognized by Forbes as one of the World’s Best Employers for 2022 🌎 Thank you to our associates who make Home Depot their home for their careers!
Shared image - World's Best Employers 2022
World's Best Employers 2022
30. September 2022
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Summer 2023 Internship Applications are now open! Our college interns had a blast this summer! They joined us from across the country, including from our stores and distribution centers! Are you or someone you know interested in an internship? Apply today!
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Search for Jobs at The Home Depot

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