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San Francisco, CA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
1.001 bis 5.000 Mitarbeiter
Aktiengesellschaft (SQ)
Computer-Hardware & -Software
1 bis 2 Milliarden $ (USD) pro Jahr

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Square Founder & CEO Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey
293 Bewertungen
  • „Great company, Marketing Org needs polishing”

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    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Anonymer Mitarbeiter in San Francisco, CA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Anonymer Mitarbeiter in San Francisco, CA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
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    Ich arbeite in Vollzeit bei Square


    -Great benefits
    -Everyone is extremely nice and willing to help. Square has a great culture and people across departments are easy to approach.
    -Nice office space
    -Talented and fun co-workers
    -Jack is a great leader. Other leaders at Square are bright and balanced.
    -Exciting work. Every day is different.
    -Marketing org is putting out great work and making progress on key initiatives.
    -JTBD framework is finally working, it’s great to have our org aligned!


    All of the below has been shared with management in some form. The lack of action is why this medium is appropriate.

    -Frustrating review process, 8 or 13-week reviews, and QBRs. We spend days on docs+ppts that end up fading away. We prepare for a big presentation or review then leadership/your manager changes the date to a month later 5-minutes before the meeting is going to start. Showing up15-minutes late isn't useful either. This is unprofessional and disrespectful. Your time is not more valuable and if you continue these practices more of the team will leave. We shouldn’t spend days on docs and presentations that someone spends 5-minutes skimming.
    -Lack of clear leadership and direction from the CMO. This person needs to take charge, take risks and get to know their team. We aren’t that big. It is easy to stop by and say hi to us. Talk to us about our projects and try to understand the levers we pull to achieve our goals. Please work on your answers during quarterly reviews. Everyone can tell they’re scripted and rehearsed. The marketing team is unsure what purpose+value the CMO is providing right now.
    -The head of marketing lacks transparency. This person moved from a different part of the org and lacks the demand gen marketing experience Bay area tech leaders in marketing have. This leader is distant, plays favorites, and can be demanding. Multiple team members besides myself have explained projects multiple times and still answer the same questions every other week. Clearly, this person is either uninterested or doesn't care. You ask for blind trust but do not return it. The marketing team as a whole is degrading and sick of this bullish style and clear favoritism. Also, no, Square isn’t Google so stop talking about your old job and telling us to be like them.
    -Micro-management and attitude from the head of the paid marketing team to other teams (/marketing/sales/creative/analytics). If this person doesn’t like the idea or project, they will go around you. You're heard but never listened to. Emailing all hours of the day+weekends looking for an immediate response puts unnecessary pressure on our team.

    Rat an das Management

    -Improve Feedback Cycle: You removed quarterly Pulse after changing management and team structures. Are you scared of what will be said? Are you nervous to share poor Pulse results with Core? The CMO mentioned bringing back more review cycles for management but there hasn’t been a follow-up. Please bring these back. We need to have regular feedback cycles after org changes!
    -Remove Unnecessary Work: Managers, please stop with all of the decks and docs. The team needs time to work. Trust us. Let us run our disciplines and report at the end of the quarter. Every meeting shouldn’t require a doc, deck and add 10 more “AIs” to our plates. A great manager removes work and roadblocks instead of creating them!
    -HR Feedback: Marketing worked with HR in Q1 but was never followed up with. Either follow up and let us see real action or do not make us take 2 hours out of our days. Please show us action and keep us updated.
    -Pay Attention to Attrition: Take note of the employees that are leaving and who their managers are. Square is an incredible place to work. It’s 2-3 high/mid-level managers that have driven amazing talent out.

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Auszeichnungen und Preise für Square

  • Financial Woman of the Year, The Financial Women of San Francisco, 2014
  • International Design Excellence Award, iDSA, 2014
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