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  • Pasching, Österreich
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  • 2009
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Together with adidas we are dedicated to provide the best digital running and training experience for our world wide community. From more than 40 different countries, our team is located in Austria, where we celebrate our diversity and share a passion for what we do. For us, ...
Leitbild: It doesn't matter where you come from, whom you love and what your background is. We are looking for new team members in different areas of our company, for different levels of experience.
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Scott Dunlap
Scott Dunlap
3 Bewertungen
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„Bester Job den ich bisher hatte“

May 23, 2021 - Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Linz, Oberösterreich
Positive Prognose
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- Sehr kooperative Teamkollegen - Den Mitarbeitern wird viel Autonomie eingeräumt, damit sie wirkungsvolle Entscheidungen treffen können. - Arbeiten an modernsten Technologien - Offenes, integratives


- Gehalt könnte höher sein - Ich habe das Gefühl, dass einige der Geschäftsleitung keine richtigen Antworten auf Fragen geben können - Es ist ein kleines Unternehmen, also nicht viele Möglichkeiten
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  1. Vorstellungsgespräch für eine Beschäftigung als Backend Developer

    Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Linz, Oberösterreich
    Kein Angebot
    Negative Erfahrung
    Durchschnittl. Gespräch

    Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 4 Wochen. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Apr 2021 bei Runtastic (Linz, Oberösterreich)


    I applied online. I like Austria, sport and I as European patriot I really think it is great that Runtastic manage to grow and is one of the most successful European startups and kept their offices in Linz.
    1. Interview with (really nice) HR
    2. 'Take home' task to be done in 7 days.

    Task is required to be done in Ruby, which I never ever used before. This was not said in HR interview, so you see this info only when you read the task. I sent them an email asking about it, they said this way they will see how I would work with new technologies.

    Since I work and never ever used Ruby - I have a feeling this was big waste of time for me, to be honest, cause I spent couple of days after work to get to know the Ruby which I most probably will not use again. Also you need to use some web framework, orm for DB, test suit so I think it not really a way to step up and show your knowledge. :)

    Task was to:
    - implement RESTful app that imports data in DB
    - update data in DB
    - update data with data provided from third party api (Runtastic api).
    - last task was to run tests provided by Runtastic, but when downloaded they did not work on my Mac OS, so I didnt do it.
    As you can see task is pretty common for developer position but I spent most time Googled how to do this and that with Ruby using framework. My suggestion is to use frameworks that have best documentation.

    Overall I was not satisfied how I did the task and also I have kind of aversion towards Ruby now. :)

    1. HR interview - very nice and kind person, she introduced the company and asked classic behaviour questions. Company seems to have really nice perks and ethics. I am really into sports, so I really liked that they have gym in Linz. 2. Take home task. - You need to finish it in 7 days. They send you link to log in, where you can read the task and upload solution. Task has 4 stages, you need to submit code after every stage and there is no way back. There is requirement not to share task or upload to Github, so I will not share the text of the task. You can use DB of your choice. Feedback on Task was: - They appreciate that I took the time to run the project on Docker - Code was made to work, but not matching their expectations for a senior applicant. - They have wished for me to spend more time on trying to get working tests for the code, "although you listed quite some test cases". - The git history was not well organised, and as this is language-independent they would have hoped for more in that regard.

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June 8, 2020
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Although working from home from time to time is pretty normal for some Runtastics, the current COVID-19 situation has been a new challenge for us all. Our ‘normal’ working life (which includes lunch dates, coffee chats, in-person meetings, and of course after-work drinks) has changed rather dramatically. Each of our 250 employees is experiencing a new work situation, and we are all facing different challenges.
Shared image - What Working From Home Is Really Like for Our Runtastics
What Working From Home Is Really Like for Our Runtastics

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