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Together with adidas we are dedicated to provide the best digital running and training experience for our world wide community. From more than 40 different countries, our team is located in Austria, where we celebrate our diversity and share a passion for what we do. For us, ...
Leitbild: It doesn't matter where you come from, whom you love and what your background is. We are looking for new team members in different areas of our company, for different levels of experience.
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Scott Dunlap
Scott Dunlap
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20. Feb. 2022 - Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Linz
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Amazing Culture ! potential for a great future in the fitness & lifestyle realm.


Salaries are far from industry standards

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    There are two rounds of inteviews: HR interview and Technical interview After the HR interview you receive a task to complete. Technical interview is not hard general questions about iOS development and as far as I remember they don't discuss the task you solved before.

    How can you create retain cycles in the code, where would you start to look for one?

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8. Juni 2020
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Although working from home from time to time is pretty normal for some Runtastics, the current COVID-19 situation has been a new challenge for us all. Our ‘normal’ working life (which includes lunch dates, coffee chats, in-person meetings, and of course after-work drinks) has changed rather dramatically. Each of our 250 employees is experiencing a new work situation, and we are all facing different challenges.
Shared image - What Working From Home Is Really Like for Our Runtastics
What Working From Home Is Really Like for Our Runtastics

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