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A member of the Roche Group, Genentech has been at the forefront of the biotechnology industry for more than 40 years, using human genetic information to develop novel medicines for serious and life-threatening diseases. The little things we do every day add up to big ...

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Alexander Hardy
Alexander Hardy
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15. Jän. 2023 - Device Engineer


Excellent place to work with great people, projects, and vision


None that I can think of.
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We firmly believe that embracing diversity and inclusion (D&I) drives innovation, improves scientific and clinical outcomes and contributes to equitable healthcare access for all.

Here at Genentech, that means fostering belonging within our own walls, advancing inclusive research and health equity in our industry at-large and transforming society through partnerships across healthcare, education and within all communities. Learn more about our 3 pillars below: 

  • Fostering Belonging: We are committed to sustaining an environment where scientific discovery can thrive, where the industry's most talented people can do their best work, and where innov
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    One round of a panel interview 2 months after I had submitted my application. It was a behavioral interview where I focused on my public health background and goals. The next week, I had a call with HR to discuss my offer.

    What is one time that you had to come up with an innovative, creative solution for a project or issue?

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21. März 2023
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Our global manufacturing network will have a second site in Oceanside that aims to produce biologics rapidly, efficiently, and sustainably for smaller patient populations. This expansion will assist us in fulfilling the increasing demand for top-notch medications and enable us to keep researching and developing life-altering treatments for patients globally.
Shared image - Investing in The Future of Manufacturing
Investing in The Future of Manufacturing
6. März 2023
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#ICYMI In the finale episode of Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar, Lélia Delamarre, Director and Distinguished Scientist, Cancer Immunology, and Ina Rhee, Executive Group Medical Director, Oncology Early Clinical Development, discuss the science behind cancer vaccination and the current challenges and opportunities we are facing. Listen to the full podcast to learn more.
Shared image - Learning from Vaccines: Training our Immune System to Fight Cancer
Learning from Vaccines: Training our Immune System to Fight Cancer

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