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London, England (Vereinigtes Königreich)
201 bis 500 Mitarbeiter
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Chris Holmes
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    Ich habe in Teilzeit bei GSM London gearbeitet


    Non management staff are friendly work hard and really do put effort in teaching the students.


    Students are king there and some bosses tend to be very poor as in my case.
    A student failed my module after offering support for the last hour of my class every week and the student would alsways say to me "next week Ill show you my progress" but next week became next week until deadline day.

    The student entered my classroom demanding I stop the lecture and help him to finish his coursework to meet the deadline at 2pm that day. when I asked what his progress was he told me he had not started. I refused to stop the class as we were in the middle of exam revision and the other students had finished and submitted their work and wanted to continue with our revision class for their exams.

    This student inevitably failed. The next semester when results were published the student saw me as I finished a class claiming he did not know why he failed and that I should explain to him. I did explain for a full hour unpaid as I am was an associate and the student accepted my feedback.

    A few weeks went by and he began to demand meeting after meeting with me and bosses, the bosses were getting higher with each meeting. Until the final meeting where the student exploded on me in front of my boss, accusing me of trying to kill him and all sorts of abuses were thrown at me such as I just failed him for no reason, that I am a witch and was putting spells on him to fail. I kid you not, I could not make up a better story. This meeting went for an hour and a half and I was not allowed to answer back to the student. the meeting only served to show the student was mentally unstable and that this was no longer simply a student challenging his grade.

    After the meeting the student could not understand why I was still employed after making such accusations against me. Finally he went to make an accusation against me that constituted gross misconduct putting my career in jeopardy. I was suspended and investigated over this accusation for 6 weeks only for me to be cleared of the charges, but the student walked free, continued to attend classes as if nothing ever happened. He even graduated.

    this institution has allowed to florish among its students a complain culture, which if done right by the students, gets lecturers fired, courseworks changed, marks changed, unlimited first-sits without marks being capped and resits with the loudest of the students able to make lecturers afraid to fail them.

    There is no protection from the bosses who seemingly love complaints against their enemies and use the complaints as an opportunity to persecute their enemies.

    Students complain and need not provide any evidence, instead the lecturers are the ones who have to provide evidence that they did not do what they are being accused of.

    I was very dissapointed with management in my case even though I was not that student's first victim with three previous lecturers suffering a similar fate at the hands of this same student.

    Rat an das Management

    Grow a pair of balls and stand up to this complain culture. Your staff do not need to feel afraid to fail students.

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